We just received an epic shipment of new art supplies and today we’ll be featuring the largest member in the Montana Cans family, the 750ml ULTRA-WIDE can.

‘An ideal tool for contemporary urban calligraphy and ultra wide line work. The spray width variation is from 15cm if applied rapidly at close range, to approx. 60cm if applied slower at a greater distance to the desired surface.’ The best of both worlds!

Come to our store in East Austin (130 Pedernales st.) any day of the week 12:30-7:30pm to grab a can. We carry both black  and chrome! This is one of our favorite new products and we would love to see what you create. Send us a flick of your masterpiece or tag us on social media. Selling price is $14.52 — but remember, if you check in on YELP! and write a review, you can receive 15% off! Ask our store associate for more details.

Video of product in use here

Check out our online store for original art, apparel and accessories if you live outside of ATX.

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Photos from montanacans.com and 567king.com


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