The art and activations we create blend our special skills and original marketing techniques to construct relevant experiences from the ground up. This is not your traditional marketing.

Microsoft was looking for a way to promote Surface Pro. With artist Lucas Aoki, we used various avenues to bring the campaign full circle. From murals, videography, and social media, we brought a message to showcase their product.

Disney x Neff
20’x20’ [Disney Artwork] SprATX designed, fabricated, and installed the Disney x Neff House at X Games 2016.

Troublemaker Wine
[Artist: MOUF] To visually uplift Troublemaker wine, MOUF painted a backdrop for their booth at ACL 2016.

Chalk Stencil Campaign
[Various Artists: Zuzu Perkal above] Guerilla marketing capaign that allow companies to reach mass audiences with temporary spray chalk stencils in high traffic areas throughout the city.

Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio
[Artist: BLVD] SprATX partnered Mala Luna festival in San Antonio to create a 20’x6’ 3D logo to display on their festival grounds.

car2go for ACL
[Various Artists; BLVD, MOUF and TRUTH] BLVD and MOUF hand built a replica CAR TO GO in-house for ACL 2016. MOUF and TRUTH painted the car for an on-site interactive installation.

Austin, TX

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