We create an aesthetic cohesiveness and authenticity to your identity with custom design work. Original designs help to avoid ambiguous and overused concepts that we call “clutter.”

GoodLife Realty
20’x12’ [Artist: MOUF & SISTA] SprATX designed and painted this graphic mural in East Austin for a real estate brokerage. Designers drew inspiration from the real estate company’s slogan for the purposes of becoming iconic photo hotspot.

Ramen Tatsu-Ya
[Artist: BRIKS] Custom design created for Austin’s most popular Ramen restaurant.

Rustic Tap
[Artist: MOUF] Logo designed for an extension of Austin’s oldest family owned restaurant, The Hoffbrau.

Felix Media Solutions
[Artist: MOUF] Graphic designed for media company to accompany identity branding.

SprATX Signature Apparel
[Artist: Random Direction] Urban streetwear apparel line designed from the ground up. Locally sourced and printed.

Austin, TX

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