“I began making leather goods about one year ago as I am always interested in “making my own” whatever it may be. It first started with a backpack then moved into making my own belt and wallet. Being interested in motorcycle culture I began playing with lightning bolts in my pieces and loved the way a bolt looked in stitches. After wearing my own goods my circle of friends began commissioning me to make them unique but high quality leather goods. Since then it has been a small, successful, word of mouth project. I feel great satisfaction in making and selling goods to people I know will impact them every day and will last them a very long time. It is a blessing to be able to now share and collaborate my unique leather style with Spratx to bring the fine people of Austin, TX the highest quality of artist inspired leather goods..”


SprATX is fueled by supporting local artists and creators alike. The SprATX team is proud to present our new signature line of apparel, including the collaborative series of custom leather work by Brandon Snow X SprATX. They are only available at the SprATX store, so stay tuned for our Grand Opening Party and official release on January 16th, 2016. 

Mad love to the talented local photographer/videographer, Andrea Furedy, for making us the beautiful video above.  


SprATX: Where are you from?

Snow: Florida

SprATX: How long have you been in Austin?

Snow: 2 years

SprATX: Advice for other artists?

Snow: My bit of advice would be to stay pure. Don’t be influenced by social media trends, don’t be safe, and refer to the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” for advice daily.

SprATX: Tell me about your leather work. How did you first get started, what do you make, and why do you love it?

Snow: When I started riding motorcycles the need for a backpack arrived. Being the way I am, I set out to make my own. I wanted something unique, strong, and mine. I did some research on how to sew leather by hand and made it happen. Everywhere I went with it, I would receive compliments on it as well as requests to make more. After about six backpacks my skills became both refined and desirable. I really enjoyed that I was making things that would be part of and serve in people’s life every single day. The simplicity of the tools and purity of the craft is what keeps me interested in making the belts, wallets, and packs that I make today.
SprATX: What’s unique about your leather goods?

Snow: My style is unique from most in many ways. Its very rough yet refined. Simple but complex. But most of all made with pure intentions. I wear what I sell and I believe in what I make.

SprATX: Tell us a little about your process.

Snow: I work in a process that allows me total control in every step. I buy leather by the hide and nothing is ever pre-cut. I trust my hands and decision-making only in my goods, and you can be assured everything about what I make was my decision.

SprATX: Talk a little about the special pieces that you made for SprATX.

Snow: With SprATX I wanted to do something special and exclusive. I special ordered a “SprATX Navy” thread to sew everything up with, and the SprATX crew special-ordered a brass stamp of the “SprATX Crown” that I was able to emboss into the belts and wallets. SprATX has supported me in my art career for many years now, and I am privileged to be able to contribute and give something back to them in a way that will help expand their brand.



facebook.com/brandon snow


Photos by: Drazah

Video by: Andrea Furedy


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