February 15, 2016

By Hannah McMorris

Photo credit to crystal rodriguez


The atmosphere was full of warmth and relaxed anticipation. As viewers from all over Austin filed into our new SprATX studio, friends and fellow artists alike mingled like old pals. Passing the time with a Lone Star beer and bag of Skinny Pop, we awaited Skeez181’s short film, Creative Women of Texas. Skeez, a Houston-based ex-graffiti writer, artist, sculptor, and art teacher has been a long-time friend of SprATX. We are fans of his work, but on this night, he chose to put the spotlight on others.


His film showcases 17 women who are artists all in their own way. The film was not a narrative, but an art piece in which the audience could draw their own conclusion. Filmed from the first perspective, Skeez aimed to create “an ode to creative women” in which he captured each artist “in their true essence and raw form.” From body suspender, Brittney Lynette, to sketch artist, Lee Ann Carrier, no woman was like the next.


One of the most profound parts of the film were the simple lines of poetry preceding each artist’s clip. Before viewers saw the clip of rapper, Perseph One, Skeez’s words, “meticulously crafted spoke every word she sang”, flowed across the screen. The words, full of adoration, showed viewers, even in unusual art, that were was beauty to be seen if you took the time to look.


Once the film came to a close, the audience had a chance to ask Skeez questions, look at art, and of course, drink more beer.




It was an added bonus to have one of the artists, Ishani Ishaya, a fire thrower, also join the audience in viewing the film.  She was “honored” to be a part of it, and told Skeez that he was a pioneer of sorts. She noted that a film showcasing Texan women creatives has not been done before. However, as surprising as it sounds, Skeez calls the film an “accident”.


When asked what pushed him to create this film, he replied, “A producer friend of mine handed me a camera and basically told me to capture anything I wanted. He thought I was going to film some of my work, but I found myself shooting my friends because I find inspiration through their work.” Selflessly, he continues, “It’s not about me. I wanted to emphasize the talents and inspiration around me. Sometimes being an artist, you’re tired of seeing your own stuff and instead want to put somebody else in the front, and that’s, ultimately, what I was trying to capture.”




Though this film is for everyone, he also aims to build up women in particular. His goal is for “viewers to walk away inspired in some way, captivated, and, of course, entertained; as well as being proud of being a creative woman.”


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.24.38 PM


Looking to the future, Skeez is ready to create a sequel in which he features more female artists from all over Texas, specifically Dallas, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. We, here at SprATX, are especially excited because our own Zuzu Perkal will be featured!




We give a big thanks to Lone Star Beer and Skinny Pop for sponsoring a night of creativity and appreciation for our Texas women. If you’d like to know more about the artists featured, please be sure to look up the names below:


Brittney Lynette, Stormy Delgado, Jenny Trimmer, Charity Ann, Fabiola Valencia, Daryl Marie Webb, Perseph One, Ishani Ishaya, Yet Torres, Alie Rose, Keri Forster, Kween897, Lee Ann Carrier, Haley Comet Spates, Vera Icon, Chloë Dedloxx, Rachel Sterns, Alexandra Krontrimas


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.26.24 PM


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.30.16 PM




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