SprATX partnered with Operation Finally Home, Wilshire Homes, and Kleenex on an incredibly special project earlier this year. A beautiful home was built and donated to Nick, Shelby and their two children as a gift of thanks for their service to our country.

SprATX artists, Zuzu, Liza Fishbone, and Asher Freehan added their love to the project by creating positive art and messages on the interior/exterior walls and floors throughout the house. After three days of painting, the Nelms new neighbors and loved ones walked through the house leaving messages of support and love. The house is a true work of art with the bones of the home forever wrapped in love.

As we all gathered together and cheered the Nelms as they pulled up to the house for the first time there was an overwhelming sense of love and happiness. They walked around their new home reading the messages and giving hugs to friends and family with ears of happiness filled in their eyes.

By far one of SprATX’s most touching projects we’ve worked on, we have infinite gratitude for being included in the project. Thank you, Nick and Shelby Nelms!

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