It was all a dream… until it became a reality in September of this year when Journey Coworking opened it’s doors to the East Austin community. The co-working space is based on a membership system, so everyone is afforded the opportunity to really get to know one another and build lasting relationships. Since they opened a few short months ago the membership allotment is almost full. They’re crushin’ it! 



There’s no denying the recent boom of co-working and co-lab spaces throughout the country, especially in Austin with it’s fast-growing culture and continuous influx of creatives and independent contractors. These co-working establishments pop up left and right, but vary in their offerings and amenities. The new Journey Coworking is an eclectic institution built from the ground up in the heart of East Austin.

This home away from home is designed specifically for the worker bees, creatives, and self-employed Austinites as a place to come together for their daily grind. Thought of as a ‘communal think tank’, the space offers it’s members a peaceful and productive atmosphere to work and simultaneously network while building lasting relationships with fellow Journey members.

What makes Journey Coworking so gosh darn exceptional? Besides the killer interior design, full service kitchen with complimentary beverages, yoga studio, outside patio and private conference rooms that can be used free of charge, they also have call pods and sleeping pods. Talk about the most epic place to work!



SprATX had the opportunity to work alongside the Austin based designer icon Kim Lewis, master architect Mark Odom, as well as the leaders and employees in the transformation of the former lighting warehouse. It has now been molded into an absolutely beautiful living work of art. There’s a sense of magic and wonder in the east side creative hub that’s worth checking out if you desire a new, exciting place to work from.


SprATX artist Jason Eatherly was commissioned to paint a large-scale mural of Biggie Smalls and Willie Nelson in the core of the shared space surrounding the communal bar and lounge. Jason shared that the factory is “filled with great people who are creatively open-minded and the environment was communal and seemed like a wonderful place to work and spend time.” His rendition of these iconic celebrities was made immortal in the Journey Coworking, and will inspire smiles and good vibes in the people working out of the space.

The mural “speaks beyond the coworking space’s corner in the live music capital of the world. It represents the community we strive to create at Journey.  I grew up listening to both Willie Nelson and Biggie Smalls. Both artists helped shaped my youth and appreciation for music. Even though their music falls on different ends of the genre spectrum, I would listen to their music for inspiration, motivation, or simply just a mental holiday.” — Vijay, co-founder of Journey Coworking. 

All in all, this place is the bees knees and we’re honored to have added some SprATX love. Learn more about the Journey Coworking here and make sure to check out their blog as well.

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