We love Austin’s creeks and lakes and are excited to spread the word about preventing water pollution! Local artists painted storm drains around Austin with creek-themed designs as visual reminders that litter and pollutants wash through storm drains directly to our water. Enjoy the artwork, learn more, and help promote keeping our creeks and lakes clean!

  • Visit the Painted Storm Drains and tag your shared photos with #creeklove to promote water quality protection.
  • Check out information (below the images) about keeping Austin’s creeks and lakes clean!
The Colorado River (including Lady Bird Lake and Lake Austin) runs deep in the heart of Austin and is fed by nearly 50 Austin creeks. Creeks and lakes are big attractions for residents and tourists! The natural beauty of these areas attracts thousands of people to walk, jog, bike, boat, picnic, and play. Events of all sizes are based in and near our water, contributing greatly to our city’s culture and healthy economy. Clean water is a wonderful place for people and pets to cool off and is essential for supporting Austin’s unique wildlife populations.
Litter, pet waste, garden chemicals, and other pollutants wash from land to the creeks and river when it rains, directly or through storm drains along our streets.

Do Your Part!


Report Pollution

If you see a leak, spill, or other source of potential pollution, call the Pollution Hotline (24 hours/7 days):


All Austin land drains to our creeks and river when it rains. Areas of land that drain to the same body of water are called a watershed, and each watershed is named for the creek or “lake” to which it drains. Check out these great resources to learn more about Austin’s natural water resources and protecting good water quality!

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