Free Art Friday


Local artists create and hide art for community members to discover in Austin.

Follow the clues on Instagram at #atxfreeartfriday


Free Art Friday takes place in Austin, TX. It is our hope that this piece of art will brighten your day and remind you of the generous nature of those in your community. Enjoy and have fun!



I Want to GIVE Free Art

Great! We’re excited to have you participate in our community art project! All art is welcome- all styles, skill levels, and mediums. To see examples how it works, search the hashtag #atxfreeartfriday on Instagram.


1) PREPARE ART: Create a piece of art for gifting and attach the following instructions: "Congrats! You are participating in #ATXFreeArtFriday. Complete the process by claiming you have found the piece on Instagram using #atxfreeartfriday and posting that you found it.”


2) HIDE ART: Find a great (safe!) place to hide it somewhere in the city on Friday. Post visual clues to where your piece is hiding on Instagram, also tagging @atxfaf & @spratx. We’ll help tell all the art hunters you’re in the game.


Once your art is found, please comment on any posts that you’ve made or @atxfaf has made to report that your piece has been found. This helps the game function smoothly and allows art hunters move on with their art adventure.


Did you find free art?

Congrats! This piece of art is yours to keep, all you need to do is claim it! You can do that by doing one of two ways:


1) INSTAGRAM: Leave an “I found it” comment on the artist’s Instagram post, and upload a photo of the art to your own Instagram with the hashtag #atxfreeartfriday. Please thank the artist in your post by @tagging them!  (Your account must be public for others to see your post.)



Claiming art is a very important part of the process for artists and others searching for this art. We appreciate you helping us keep the spirit of #atxfreeartfriday alive by claiming your art! Enjoy!



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